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Boulder Box

What started as few friends meeting every week to climb at
Yadu and Vrinda’s house is what grew to be what Boulder Box is today.

In just 6 months, Boulder Box successfully
built a growing community for climbing enthusiasts across Delhi.


“The lack of good spaces to climb in the country is what led to the genesis of Boulder Box.
My co-founder(and sister) Vrinda and I, had been to a few international climbing centres and wanted to bring something similar back home to Delhi.

While I was hesitant at first, Vrinda gave me the assurance to take the leap - I’m glad I did!”


“I realized an immediate need for something more inviting for new people to try out the sport. The need for a place to actively participate in something that we all felt so passionately about became obvious.
Also, the desire to grow the community and build awareness about a sport as inclusive and life-changing (at least, in my opinion) as climbing was evident.”

-Vrinda (Co-Founder)

The team at Boulder Box genuinely enjoys climbing a lot. They want everyone who comes in to experience and take away the same passion, joy and learning that comes from it that they experience.


”We hope to be able to convince people to quit the mindset of “I’m not strong enough to climb” or “I lack upper body strength” and inculcate the sense of “Climbing is for everyone”.


In our opinion, climbing is truly for everyone. 
Obviously being fit helps, but climbing also is a way for one to get fit.
Everyone needs to start somewhere, and climbing allows for a great journey towards being a healthier and fitter self.


No background in fitness is required to start climbing.
If you can climb a ladder, you can climb at our centre!”


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