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Eshna Kutty

Hooper. Dancer. Dance Movement Therapy Practioner
in the making.

A true protean - Eshna Kutty.

When most of us saw only circus artists and acrobats using hoops, Eshna saw it as a start to something much more and started practicing religiously
from her room.
Cut to 8 years later - she's conducting regular classes in Saket, is recognized widely for her work, travels across the country for workshops, is working on building up to start her own dance movement therapy practice,
and she’s just getting started.

I was very hungry to learn, I wanted to do more with hoop dancing
and connect with a bigger audience.

“Mom’s a writer and my Dad’s a filmmaker, so art has been in the family, but I always knew I wanted to do something entirely different of my own.
“Somewhere in the middle, I got very interested in dancing, and that interest grew when I saw a video of a woman hooping.
I remember thinking that it looked sporty yet very elegant - a great combination.
Soon after, I bought a hoop and started practicing daily. It was very frustrating at first as I couldn't even get it to stay on my waist, let alone to tricks with it. “


“My friends always thought I’m making up excuses to not meet them, they didn’t believe I was actually practicing hooping!”

After watching a lot of diferent videos on hooping, I got very hungry to learn. I’d stay in every other day after school and practice in my room.
Growing up as an introvert, my friends always thought I’m using hooping as an excuse to avoid hanging out - no one believed I was actually practicing hooping. Now, they look at my videos and go, “Woah! So you were actually hooping? We had no clue!”

I’m very grateful for the response I’ve received so far and the fact that I can share my work with many more people.


Fun Fact - most of Eshna’s videos are shot in her own room, where her cat Kaju makes special appearances every now and then. He also makes sure to wait for her to hold a steady pose before he can brush past.


3-4 years into hooping, Eshna wanted to connect to a bigger audience and do more with her hooping.
She then went on to connecting with artists across the country, opened herself up to other forms of art (like juggling and acrobatics), and then got in touch with more hoopers through the artists she encountered during.

She started posting on Instagram to stay in touch with them and her progress in learning, which in turn gave her a great response from her friends, family and more.


“My introduction to Dance Movement Therapy made a big difference in my approach to hooping...

I studied Psychology for my undergrad and also trained in dancing with the dance society at my college during the same time period, and grew to be very fond of the art form.

While I understood that I want to pursue Psychology and will always to do hooping on the side, I was still searching for the exact expression I am trying to convey through hooping.

A friend introduced me to a dance therapy workshop in Bangalore and I felt like I found that expression. My love for hooping combined with my interest in psychology - dance movement therapy.

Eshna moved on to study Dance Movement Therapy at TISS, Mumbai and is eligible to start her own practice.
But before that, she hopes to do a masters and gain more experience in the field.


Do check out Eshna Kutty on Instagram - we’re sure you’ll love her videos. ✨