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Sahil & Arjun

We spent an afternoon with
the Beam & Words Co-Founders.

Located at the periphery of Champa Gali in Saket, the B&W HQ consists of the perfect mesh of creativity and professionalism. Going seven years strong, there’s no stopping Sahil and Arjun on their pursuit to share great stories through their representation.


(L - Arjun, R - Sahil)
Beam & Words started with a very simple idea - to tell holistic stories through their work,
that flow across a plethora of platforms mediums.


There are multiple service lines across PR, but it is the strategy and intellect in putting it all together, that really gives us our rush.”


3 (1).jpg

Moving the conversation to what it’s like working with a friend, Arjun adds,

“We’ve actually known each other for eons now, since our college days. In fact, I ragged Sahil as my junior at college. And I think he rags me now at the office, haha. But it's actually fun working together. While we have set roles and responsibilities, we bring diverse experiences to the table.
And while we take work seriously, we don’t take each other too seriously all the time.
And that definitely helps!”


“Digital didn’t kill PR, it helped PR transcend.”

The nature of communications is always changing, and is definitely expedited with the role of tech. It is important to not only adapt to a constantly evolving landscape but also stay one step ahead.

At B&W, PR is defined as getting the right word out for a brand, and that we feel will always stand the test of time irrespective of trends and fads.

Their office space is in sync with their approach to work, in fact it is indicative of this - it has been designed to encourage this very notion.
As you walk around, you can’t help but notice that everything from the open space displaying clear communication, to their “Wall of Art” which perfectly captures the zest of the team, the office space itself provides a fitting glimpse into their everyday working life.

Here’s a tiny sneak peek taking you through the journey of the Beam and Words family.