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Shyamli Panda

We dropped by Devilz tattooz one evening to catch up with Shyamli Panda.

In Today’s world, real authenticity helps you stand out best.
Shyamli is (very effortlessly so), an embodiment of the same notion.


Originally a graphic designer by occupation, Shyamli wanted a platform that would help her to experiment more with designs that are more expressive.

Now, she has been tattooing for almost 9 years and is among the most sought-after female tattoo artists in Delhi.

“The biggest challenge for me was learning to un-learn.
Once I could see past what I already knew and was well versed with, I could open myself up more to my training and really expand my skillset”


“With tattooing, there’s always something new to learn.

Getting to work on different designs that are going to be so personal and permanent to someone, and adding my own flair to it is what inspires me to experiment more with them”


Keep your mind open to criticism and keep learning from any and all sources available to you…

”Some of the best tattoo artists are great because (apart from devoting large chunk of time and energy to art form) they continue to sharpen their skills in other mediums as well. They'll study sculpting, painting, typography, even philosophy, science, spirituality, folklore and literature.

All of this will eventually culminate in making your work really stand out and be memorable. Just be passionate and focused.”


Do drop by Devilz Tattooz and say hi to Shyamli 🌸